Given the increase in trend of social media marketing, there has been an increase in the demand of images for commercial use.  To cater to the demands of high-resolution photographs, there has been an increase in the photography websites, which offer free stock photos. These websites only accept submission from people who have photographs taken according to the photography websites templates, so that a certain standard is maintained.  The increased demand for stock photographs for media marketing and promotion purposes has made it a necessity to launch sites that exclusively offer photographs about certain categories. There are some websites that offer only a particular category, while there are some who houses a vast collection of photographs that are relevant to thousands of individual groups. Some of the most user-friendly websites that offer free photos are discussed below. The only limitations that these websites have are about redistribution and reselling of the pictures taken from their platforms. The sites are:

  • The first website is Pixabay.com. It offers an amazing collection of photographs that are sorted under categories. The photos have different resolution selection possible as well so that you can enjoy pics as per your demand. There is also no need to quote the source, in case of the image being used.
  • The second website is Pexel.com. This website comes with a plug-in that can be added to photo shop program. Hence, designers looking for quick place to select a relevant photo from can opt for this website. The images are all high resolution, with amazing quality. The site’s interface is also user-friendly.
  • Stocksnap.io, this site offers a huge range of collection of various categories. The only downside of this place is that the photographs provided on the website do not have different resolutions and neither can the images be adjusted.
  • The fourth site is PicJumbo.com. This site has some unique and scrumptious looking food photos. Though there are many other categories as well, but the food photographs are a specialty. Victor Hanacek, is the photographer behind these amazing, picturesque photos that are free for commercial use.
  • Freeiamges.com, this website is the pioneer amongst the free stock photo sites. They set the trend of free photos availability, and their idea caught on. Today, they have billions of amazing photos available for commercial use. They have thousands of contributors, but the submissions have to meet the stringent criteria set by the website to be approved.